Bedroom of Colour

Redecorating your bedroom gives you many decisions, (bed frames, storage options etc). One of the biggest decisions however is how the bedroom feels.  Colour is one of the biggest factors that makes a bedroom feel good. With colour you can make your bedroom unique to you and most of all, it will make it the one room in the house that you feel completely relaxed in.

With a veery colourful bedroom people can feel that the room is overpowering, maybe even seem smaller or feel that there is very little light coming into the room. However with clever colour choices and good bedroom furniture (fitted wardrobe, sliding wardrobes), styling that matches or maybe even some that doesn’t, the room can become your own little piece of heaven.

We here at Sliding Revolution know that when the term ‘colourful room’ comes up one of the first things that people think of ‘loud’ and ‘brash’ with relaxing being the last. But with space saving and use of light it can not only work but work well! Items such as fitted wardrobes or space saving sliding wardrobes help give a spacious look and feel, which in turn is known to be a relaxing attribute to bedrooms and room in general (when was the last time you went in a relaxing elevator for example?)

Sliding Revolution have given you a couple of ideas that should be considered when thinking about adding colour and a sense of space to your bedroom.

Its not all about the paint colour

People seem to think that when you speak about having a colourful bedroom, the thinking goes straight to the colour of the walls of the room. However just because you want to add a little (or a lot!) of colour it does not mean that you have to paint the walls does it?

There are a couple of non-conventional ways you can give a room a new lease of life with a simple addition of colour, these include simply adding colourful bedding sheets and curtains that match, making sure the carpet you select offers bright colours, or you could simply make the wall into a more useful space by adding a coloured sliding wardrobe.

Colour to just the Lower Half

When painting the bedroom, for most people the general opinion is that you should simply add colour to the room completely, from the floor to the ceiling, with a neutral shade of colour that will match the furniture (the bed, sliding wardrobe etc). This will in turn lighten up even the darkest of spaces but it seems that creativity is shaped by what seems to be the ‘done thing’, a single colour that spans the height and width of the room but getting a little more creative can pay off massively in the finishing look of your bedroom.

Why not think about taking a step outside your comfort zone by choosing a contrasting colour to go with your base colour and then create a halfway feature, fit a dado rail (all the rage) and then let the beauty of the room speak for itself.