4 Neat Ideas for Awkward Nooks


We all have that tricky corner of our home that defies our best laid interior designs and makes life just a little trickier. From peculiar cubbies, to awkward nooks and difficult corners, sometimes it’s hard to know how to use an inconveniently shaped space to its greatest advantage.

Fortunately, all you need to transform these nooks is a bright idea and a dash of creativity. To get you started, we’ve served up 4 possibilities for your trickiest spaces to help you find the perfect fit…


1. Build a Reading Nook




Love getting your nose into a good book? A reading nook could be the perfect way to utilise that recess or get the most out of your bay window. Smart shelving, seating, soft furnishings and lighting will transform your nook into the perfect spot for getting away from it all.


2.  Set up a Work Station



From gutted cupboards to that infuriating space under the stairs, there are all sorts of tricky spots just waiting to be turned into secluded work stations, great for personal projects. Invest in some good under-the-desk storage to give yourself enough elbow room and convenient access to your important bits and pieces.

3. Boost Your Storage Space




Is your home losing the battle against clutter? If you’re low on storage but have a home full of nooks and crannies, why not transform these spaces into seamless hidden storage? There are tonnes of ideas to inspire you on the Sliding Revolution website, ideal for tucking away all that daily paraphernalia somewhere smart.


4. Get Experimental



Do you love playing around with your interior and getting creative at home? Your difficult-to-use space could be a handy laboratory where you can try out different looks and create different displays every season! Why not turn your tricky space into a regular, playful feature wall? If you like the next look you create, you can always apply it to the rest of your home too!