7 Amazing Storage Solutions for Attic Bedrooms

If you have an attic bedroom, you’ll know that your awkwardly shaped space can be both a blessing and a curse. Your room’s irregular features are fantastic for a bedroom with bags of character and romance but, on the other hand, storage can be a real problem.

Sloped ceilings often mean that a full size wardrobe is a no-no, while chests and shelves can be next-to-impossible to tuck neatly into corners. If you are struggling for storage in your attic room, never fear! We’ve brought together some excellent visual inspiration to give you a few ideas…

1. Irregular Shelving

If your attic bedroom features an upright wall, embrace its irregular shape with smart shelving that makes the most of the space you have to hand.

2. Sloped Storage

If you have the budget to order custom made fitted wardrobes, sloped units which slot neatly under the eaves are the perfect way to create seamless-looking storage that doesn’t take up half the room.

3. Use Every Corner

Attics are full of nooks and crannies which can be turned into eye-catching storage spaces and areas for shelving with a little bit of imagination.

4. Embrace Clothing Rails

Without a full length wardrobe, you’re going to need to find somewhere to stash your clothes. A clothing rail can look great, especially when chosen with design in mind. Best of all? They slip neatly under the eaves, leaving you with plenty of room.

5. Get Under the Bed


Under the bed storage is a lifesaver in tricky attic spaces, providing invisible storage space that’s easily accessible too.

6. Utilise Nooks

That funny little niche by the window and that recessed bit by the stairs are crying out to be turned into chic storage and shelving.

7. Slanted Cupboards Are A-OK

Creating a beautiful attic bedroom is all about embracing quirks. This slant-roofed cupboard may be irregular but it provides valuable space and looks chic too.

How have you added extra storage space to your awkward attic bedroom? Would an exposed clothes rail work for you, or do you prefer to have your garments tucked neatly away? Share your opinions and interior design inspirations with our readers below.