7 Ingenious Kitchen Storage Ideas


Keen to give your kitchen a bit of a rejig? These 7 fiendishly clever kitchen organisation tricks will totally revolutionise your space.

1. Make Your Spices Magnetic

If you’re a fan of flavour, you no doubt have a huge jumble of cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, cardamom, saffron – you name it – somewhere in your kitchen. If you want to turn that jumble into an easily accessible spice rack, magnetic solutions are the answer. There are loads of DIY ideas out there to choose from, and plenty of shop-bought options to check out too.

2. Build a Wine Rack into a Nook

Is your kitchen full of nooks and cubbys? Why not install a wine rack to make even more of the space you’ve got?

3. Add “In Door” Storage

If your kitchen cupboards are fit to burst, adding storage inside the door can make a huge difference to how much space you have to hand.

4. Make False Drawers Useful

You know those unopenable, false drawers built into your kitchen cabinets – often under the sink? Why not turn this wasted space into a handy holder for kitchen sponges and washing up equipment?

5. Use Pegboards for Utensils

If storing your assortment of pots, pans and utensils conveniently is driving you up the wall, maybe it’s time to literally put it up the wall with one of these clever and cheap-to-make pegboards.

6. Introduce a Lazy Susan to Your Fridge

Hate rummaging for the exact jar you want in the fridge? Loathe the whole “take everything out, put everything back in” routine? Your kitchen woes can be effortlessly solved, simply by adding a lazy Susan.

7. Turn Your Sink into Surface Space

Short on surface space? Cook up a storm and make a little extra room by investing in a large chopping board which fits neatly over your sink.

Do you have clever space-saving ideas to share with the Sliding Revolution readers? Perhaps you’re suffering from a cluttered kitchen a need some extra pointers? Let our readers know in the comments section below.