The Advantages of Choosing Sliding Wardrobe Doors

There are so many benefits to investing in fitted bedroom furniture that it can be difficult to imagine ever going back to standard wardrobes and storage systems. With bespoke furniture, there is a real sense of personality and quality to the design. This is on top of the satisfaction which comes with knowing that your furniture has been created especially for you.
When it comes to standout details like sliding wardrobe doors, it is easy to add style and sophistication to any bedroom. If you invest in fitted wardrobes in Bishops Stortford and then further enhance them with high quality sliding wardrobe doors, you can take advantage of efficient storage space, a significantly de-cluttered environment, and a totally unique look.
This handy guide to the top advantages of choosing sliding wardrobe doors for your bedroom will show you precisely why bespoke furniture is so popular.
Save Tonnes of Extra Space
If you are on the hunt for fitted wardrobes in Bishops Stortford, it is worth considering investing in sliding wardrobe doors too. They can offer a remarkable degree of extra storage, within a relatively small area. Plus, they are also a great way to make use of the walls in a bedroom, because they are created for its exact specifications. For people who are short on room, this can be really valuable, as it eradicates the need to allocate lots of floor space to clothes. The streamlined sliding panels reach every nook and corner in your wardrobe, which means that you can enjoy access to its entire interior, including rails, shelf space and additional compartments for shoes and accessories.
Created Especially for Your Home
As bespoke specialists, if you work with us you can buy sliding wardrobe doors in almost any size or shape. There should be no concerns about buying a product which does not fit the space, but you should remember that the price will largely depend on the complexity of the room. The process usually begins with an at home consultation, so that our installers can take measurements. This is the time when you should feel free to ask any questions which you might have and raise any issues or concerns.
Inject a Little Personality
It can be a lot of fun to design your own bedroom furniture and personalise sliding wardrobe doors to match the rest of the space. This kind of accent feature tends to have a super modern and elegant style, with glossy panels, lacquered wood grains, matching frames, and even special glass frames. You can make the space entirely your own; all you have to do is discuss your wishes with us.
Investing in High Quality
The decision to invest in sliding wardrobe doors and fitted wardrobes in Bishops Stortford can be as much of a value investment as an aesthetic one. The materials used are responsibly sourced and the bespoke design is the result of close collaboration between yourselves and us, there is no reason why fitted furniture cannot add value to a home.

4 Benefits of Investing In Fitted Wardrobes

If you look around your bedroom and feel uninspired, it could be time to think about an overhaul. It is a place which is supposed to relax and soothe – if you cannot cast off all of the stresses of the day in your own room, you need to switch up your environment. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to do this and they do not have to break the bank either.

For example, fitted wardrobes and bespoke bedroom furniture is more affordable than ever these days. Plus, it allows you to give your room that signature look, that vibe and atmosphere which is entirely unique to you. It is easier than you might think to design and plan a fitted bedroom, especially with the help of a reliable supplier and installer like Home Revolutions.

This guide to the top four benefits of investing in fitted wardrobes in Ely will help you to understand why bespoke bedroom furniture is the right choice.

Maximises Available Space

As the name suggests, fitted wardrobes are designed and created especially for the measurements of your bedroom. These are not factory products, nor are they built to a ‘universal’ plan – our team of specialists will visit your home to determine exactly how they should be put together. If you are interested in investing in fitted wardrobes in Ely or the surrounding areas, this is the right way to do it; a consultation is there to make sure that the fit is right first time.

Extremely Low Maintenance

We carefully install your fitted wardrobes to not just make your bedroom look more attractive, but to make it easier to maintain too. As bespoke furniture of this kind is installed from floor to ceiling – with no gaps either on top, underneath, or between the wardrobe and the wall – you will never have to dust or clean its surfaces. If you lead quite a busy life (or you have children, for example), getting rid of this annoying chore can be a great advantage of fitted wardrobes.

More Storage Options

If you choose to invest in fitted wardrobes, you will, of course, be able to enjoy a lot more storage space. As already mentioned, bespoke bedroom furniture is designed to fit the exact specifications of your room – no gaps and no wasted space means a lot more room for clothes, accessories, shoes, and anything else which you might want to keep safe and tidy. Whilst a standard wardrobe unit might contain maybe a single rail and a shelf or a drawer, bespoke wardrobes can be customised to fit your personal needs and preferences.

Personally Made For You

There are few things as satisfying as the knowledge that your home is unique to you. This is why bespoke furniture – in kitchens and bathrooms as well as bedrooms – has always been so popular. Now, it is affordable too, so there is no excuse not to create the bedroom that you have always dreamed of having. The possibilities are endless, so get in touch with an advisor today and start designing your bespoke storage solutions.

To find out how you can get your hands on bespoke furniture and fitted wardrobes in Ely or to arrange a consultation ring us on 01223 782015, or contact us via our contact form today.

Bedroom of Colour

Redecorating your bedroom gives you many decisions, (bed frames, storage options etc). One of the biggest decisions however is how the bedroom feels.  Colour is one of the biggest factors that makes a bedroom feel good. With colour you can make your bedroom unique to you and most of all, it will make it the one room in the house that you feel completely relaxed in.

With a veery colourful bedroom people can feel that the room is overpowering, maybe even seem smaller or feel that there is very little light coming into the room. However with clever colour choices and good bedroom furniture (fitted wardrobe, sliding wardrobes), styling that matches or maybe even some that doesn’t, the room can become your own little piece of heaven.

We here at Sliding Revolution know that when the term ‘colourful room’ comes up one of the first things that people think of ‘loud’ and ‘brash’ with relaxing being the last. But with space saving and use of light it can not only work but work well! Items such as fitted wardrobes or space saving sliding wardrobes help give a spacious look and feel, which in turn is known to be a relaxing attribute to bedrooms and room in general (when was the last time you went in a relaxing elevator for example?)

Sliding Revolution have given you a couple of ideas that should be considered when thinking about adding colour and a sense of space to your bedroom.

Its not all about the paint colour

People seem to think that when you speak about having a colourful bedroom, the thinking goes straight to the colour of the walls of the room. However just because you want to add a little (or a lot!) of colour it does not mean that you have to paint the walls does it?

There are a couple of non-conventional ways you can give a room a new lease of life with a simple addition of colour, these include simply adding colourful bedding sheets and curtains that match, making sure the carpet you select offers bright colours, or you could simply make the wall into a more useful space by adding a coloured sliding wardrobe.

Colour to just the Lower Half

When painting the bedroom, for most people the general opinion is that you should simply add colour to the room completely, from the floor to the ceiling, with a neutral shade of colour that will match the furniture (the bed, sliding wardrobe etc). This will in turn lighten up even the darkest of spaces but it seems that creativity is shaped by what seems to be the ‘done thing’, a single colour that spans the height and width of the room but getting a little more creative can pay off massively in the finishing look of your bedroom.

Why not think about taking a step outside your comfort zone by choosing a contrasting colour to go with your base colour and then create a halfway feature, fit a dado rail (all the rage) and then let the beauty of the room speak for itself.

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